Luxury Tailors by Monica - Tailor to Perfection


We are a highly skilled bridal atelier specialized in Bridal and formal tailoring. If you want to perfectly alter your purchased dress and customized it to your body, we can help! We are also the ultimate destination to custom-designed your bridal accesories like veils, belts, sleeves and jackets.

We are by appointment only (without any long wait). This allows our tailors to meet with each bride personally and give them all of her attention-- in privacy and without any distractions

Please note that we are only able to provide estimates and suggestions in person and during our official consultations and appointments.

We also specialized in:

  • Custom-Design Bridal Belts

  • Custom-Design Bridal Headbands

  • Custom-Design Bridal Boleros

  • Custom-Design Bridal Jackets

  • Custom-Design Veils



Things to know about our services


  • An appointment is required for all wedding gown fittings.
  • At the initial wedding gown fitting, our tailors and the bride will discuss and determine the scope of the work, the timeline, and the estimated price and we will show you the different kind of bustles for the train of the dress.
  • We guarantee that your wedding gown alterations will be complete according to the timeline set at the initial fitting.
  • The price set at the initial wedding gown fitting will change only if additional work (not included in the initial invoice) is requested by the bride.
  • Due to the unique nature of each wedding gown and the needed alterations, we cannot provide estimated wedding gown alteration prices over the phone.  We will be happy to do so at the initial appointment.
  • The bride should bring to each wedding gown fitting the shoes, brassiere and petticoat that she intends to wear with the gown.
  • As we have limited space to store wedding gowns, the gown must be picked up at the last scheduled fitting.
  • After the wedding gown is picked up at the last fitting, any additional work will require a new invoice with a price estimate for the new work.